Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ashes Countdown 8

Bradman’s Invincibles Quiz.

The 1948 Australian team in England during the summer of 1948 is considered the greatest cricket team ever to have toured England. Nicknamed The Invincibles, the Aussies did not lose a single match on the tour even though they played 5 tests, 26 first class matches and three other non-first-class encounters. Apart from Bradman, the team included stalwarts like Sydney Barnes, Lindsay Hassett, Arthur Morris, Ray Lindwall, Keith Miller, Bill Johnston, Don Tallon to name a few. With Len Hutton, Cyril Washbrook, Bill Edrich, Dennis Compton, Jim Laker and Alec Bedser, England too were a formidable team. In the end, however, England found themselves no match to the ruthless batting display by their counterparts and fiery fast bowling by Lindwall and Miller with strong support by Bill Johnston. Australia won the series 4-0. The ease with which they won those tests and most of the other first class games on that tour make them truly deserve the title " THE INVINCIBLES".

In this Ashes Countdown 8 Quiz, Let us look at the Invincibles.

Q21. The final innings of Bradman, a second ball duck, got more applause than any of his 29 centuries. Listening to the thunderous applause, the bowler Eric Hollies told one of his teammates “"Best ball I I've bowled all season and they are clapping him!". Later that day he called another teammate and said “He never saw it, Tom”. Name these two teammates.

Q22. For holding Bradman’s batting average under 100, Eric Hollies certainly deserves another question. What unique record does he hold in first class cricket, which presumably will never be broken?

Q23. One of Bradman’s team members on 1948 tour was just 54 days old when the Don made his test debut. Who was he?

Q24. Like Bradman, another great cricketer too ended his test career with a second ball duck during this series. Name him.

Q25. England started the series disastrously losing 8 wickets for 74 runs in the first test. However their ninth wicket pair rescued them with a partnership of 89 runs. They both registered their highest test scores during the test series. Who are they and what are their highest test scores?

Q26. During their England tour the "Invincibles" won 23 of their 34 matches. How many of them were innings victories?

Q27. Playing against the Essex the Aussies established a team batting record in first class cricket. What is it?

Q28. Another team record, which they achieved in a test match during the series, stood for nearly 28 years before being overtaken by the Indian team of mid 70s. What was the record?

Q29. In the final test of the series England was bowled out for a paltry total of 52. No batsman except Len Hutton reached double figures. Hutton very narrowly missed recording a rare feat in that match. What is it?

Q30. Who are the only Aussie members of 1948 Invincibles who did not play in any test match during the series?

This is the third of the 10 quizzes for the Ashes Countdown. Three winners will be selected at the end of the 10th quiz after tabulating all the results. The winners will be awarded exciting prizes courtesy of In the event of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker among the top three positions.

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