Monday, November 13, 2006

Ashes Countdown 9

Bodyline Characters Quiz

In the history of the Ashes, no other test series has generated as much controversy, media coverage and research and as many debates, arguments and books as the Bodyline series. I believe no other cricketing event was produced as a mini-series on television and as a movie. No wonder two time Oscar winner Russell Crowe, who himself has a small cricket connection of his own, being a cousin of the New Zealnd great Martin Crowe, may be very soon donning the role of Bill Woodfull, the Australian captain of the most controversial test series ever played.

So I thought a trivia session about the "Bodyline Characters", after all may not be a bad idea.

Here we go…

Q11. Though the series was considered a failure for Bradman, he still led Australia both in the number of runs scored and batting averages even after missing the first test. Who made the most runs and led the batting averages for England?

Q12. Which English batsman after making a century on his test debut in the first test of the series played only one more test in the bodyline series. He returned to England after having an argument with his captain Douglas Jardine, and did not further participate in the series.

Q13. Harold Larwood, the Bodyline attack enabler took most number of wickets in the test series. But another bowler who refused to bowl according to the so called leg theory went on to claim the second highest number of wickets in the series for England. Who is he?

Q14. Bert Ironmonger , the Australian left arm spinner , made his first class debut when he was 46 yrs old four years prior to the Bodyline Series. He was one of the only three bowlers who took more than 10 wickets in the series for Australia along with Bill O'Reilly (27) and Tim Wall (16). Ironmonger took 15 wickets in the four tests @ 27.13. What unique record does he share with W.G. Grace, Wilfred Rhodes and George Gunn of England?

Q15. How do you connect India's great all-rounder Vinoo Mankad and the Chappell brothers to the Bodyline Series?

Q16. Insipte of numerous bodyblows taken by most of the Aussie players, four Australians managed to play in all five tests. Name them.

Q17. For three Australians the series provided their only test appearance and put them in the One Test Wonder Club. Who are they?

Q18. Which Australian cricketer declined a knighthood in 1934 and later said if it was awarded for his professional work rather than playing cricket, he would have accepted it.

Q19. In the only test match that Australia won, Bradman hit his only century of the series. However in the same test he was dismissed for a first ball duck in the first innings. Who was the bowler and what was so special about the dismissal?

Q20. Two of the English cricketers who took part in the Bodyline series were later captured as POWs during World War II. One of them returned back home but the other player died of wounds he suffered during the attack. Name them.

This is the second of the 10 quizzes. Three winners will be selected at the end of the 10th quiz after tabulating all the results. The winners will be awarded exciting prizes courtesy of In the event of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker among the top three positions.

Please do not forget to mail your answers to before 27th November, 2006 having the subject line as "Answers to Ashes Countdown XX Quiz" . Replace XX with the Countdown number.

Happy Quizzing....

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