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Ashes Countdown 7

The Roaring Fifties Quiz

How much difference a great batsman (read it as Bradman) can make? If you need an answer for that, Australia lost the Ashes Series only twice during Bradman's 20 year long test career. Once during his debut series in 1928/29, which saw him dropped from the test side and carry the drinks doing the 12th man duties and once during the infamous Bodyline series in 1932/33. England won both those series by a 4-1 margin. In the other six Ashes battles (1930, 1934, 1936/37, 1938, 1946/47 & 1948) Australia came out victorious 5 times and drew the series only once in 1938.

Such was Bradman’s effect on Australia they did retain the Ashes in the next series too after Bradman’s retirement by a margin of 4-1. England finally recovered from Bradman syndrome and won a test match against Australia after 12 years in their last attempt of that series. By winning the 5th test of that series in an already decided rubber, they sounded a warning bell to the Aussies that things will not be the same going forward. Even though a day’s play was lost in that Test match, England went on to win that test by 8 wickets with two more great performances by their star players of the series Alec Bedser (10 for 105) and Len Hutton (79 & 60*).

England went on to regain the Ashes in 1953 and kept the urn for major part of the 50s. Though Australia won the 1st and last series during the decade, England won three series in between those losses. This edition of the Ashes Countdown Quiz is based on that particular decade in which the English lions roared.

Ashes Countdown 7 Quiz: The Roaring Fifties.

Q31. England regained the Ashes last summer after 16 years in 8 attempts, but the 1953 Englishmen waited even longer to regain the Ashes. How many years and how many attempts did they take to bring back the Ashes?

Q32. Which Australian great ended the tour with an amazing knock of 135 in a first class match which included 11 sixes though he could make just 15 runs in the test series?

Q33. Australia lost the 1953 series with a 0-1 margin, their loss coming in the fifth test of their tour. What is so remarkable about that loss?

Q34. Which English cricketer took more wickets during the 1953 series than the runs he made?

Q35. Three cricketers, who played a major part in regaining the Ashes for England in 1953 in the final test at the Oval, were not selected for the 1954/55 Ashes tour. Name them.

Q36. In the first test of the 1954/55 a player who made his test debut went on to achieve a first which at that time was thought an impossible thing. Who is the cricketer and what first did he achieve in test cricket?

Q37. The 1954/55 series was totally dominated by bowlers to an extent that more than 300 runs in an innings were scored only twice by each team in that series with Frank ‘Typhoon’ Tyson being the leading wicket taker for both sides. Which test matches witnessed 300+ scores in that series and who scored them.

Q38. The last test match of 1954/55 saw debut of a cricketer who 38 years later became the first referee to suspend a player for abusing an umpire. Name him.

Q39. 1956 series was totally dominated by Jim Laker with that unbelievable 19 for 90 at Old Trafford in the 4th test. Laker did take ten wickets in innings against Australia in a tour match earlier that summer. There is a remarkable coincidence in both those innings. What is it?

Q40. Four of the Australian bowlers were the main discussion topic during the 1958/59 series because of their doubtful actions which lead the English touring party to believe they were chucking. Name the bowlers.

This is the fourth of the 10 quizzes for the Ashes Countdown. Three winners will be selected at the end of the 10th quiz after tabulating all the results. The winners will be awarded exciting prizes courtesy of In the event of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker among the top three positions.

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