Friday, November 17, 2006

Ashes Countdown 6

Stodgy Sixties Quiz.

Australia kept the Ashes they won in 1958-59 through out the sixties. Perhaps the decade of sixties can be termed as one of the most boring decades ever in the history of Ashes. Out of the five test series they played three ended in a stalemate with one win each in 1962/63, 1965/66 and 1968. Australia won the 1961 series by 2-1 margin and in 1964 by 1-0. With only ten matches producing results and neither team not playing aggressive cricket or in other words not risking a whole lot mostly settled for draws. For the first time Cricket fans started looking at emerging cricketing powers West Indies and South Africa for entertainment. As when compared to the series involving South Africa or West Indies the traditional Ashes encounters became stodgy.

Let us try to pickup some of the bright spots of the Stodgy Sixties.

Ashes Countdown 6 Quiz: Stodgy Sixties.

Q41. Which Australian batsman was once described as “ a corpse with pads on” by an English reporter for his hard to watch and difficult to dismiss batting style, made his test debut during the 1961 series.

Q42. Raman Subba Row hit a century in the first test of the 1961 Ashes and carried on the tradition of century on Ashes debut by a player of Indian descent. Who were the other English players of Indian origin who hit a century on their Ashes Debut before him ?

Q43. What Ashes record does Raman Subba Row share with RA Duff, MA Leyland, WH Ponsford and Mark Waugh.

Q44. During the 1962/63 series, an English bowler broke the test record held by his team’s Assistant manager. Name the bowler and the Assistant Manager of the MCC team.

Q45. Which Australian cricketer made his test debut during the 1962/63 Ashes and has a New Zealand Test Venue’s name as his middle name. He also wrote an autobiography titled Bowled Over.

Q46. By scoring a triple hundred in the fourth test of the 1964 series whose record did Bob Simpson emulate and what is the record?

Q47. During their 1964 England tour Australia lost only four matches. Three of them to Glamorgan, Warwickshire and Essex. Which was the only other team to have beaten Australia during that trip and where was the match played.

Q48. This Australian cricketer made his test debut during their 1961 Ashes tour to England and ended his test career during the 1965/66 series in Australia. He captained Australia in two of the first three tests of that series before getting sidelined. Name him.

Q49. He appeared in three of the five tests of 1968 series and a feat he achieved thirty years prior to that is yet to be emulated. Who is he and what is his unique feat?

Q50. Australia may very well have won the 1968 Ashes series but for the intervention of spectators on the field and subsequent deadly spell of 4 wickets in 27 balls by an English bowler which resulted in a dramatic victory for England. What was the incident and who was the bowler?

This is the fifth of the 10 quizzes for the Ashes Countdown. Three winners will be selected at the end of the 10th quiz after tabulating all the results. The winners will be awarded exciting prizes courtesy of In the event of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker among the top three positions.

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