Sunday, April 30, 2006


  1. Who are these Test cricketers who are photographed when they were kids? All of them went on to captain their country in Test Cricket.
  2. Which test batting pair holds the record for batting two full day’s of play in a Test match?
  3. Who is the only cricketer who took more than 100 wickets in his test career but aggregated less than 100 Test runs?
  4. Gary Sobers, Ian Botham, Carl Hooper & Shane Warne – What is common to these cricketers? In other words what unique record these cricketers share?
  5. It happened for the first time in test cricket , in the first test match played between New Zealand & Zimbabwe in Harare,1996/97. What is it?
  6. First instance of this record took place in 1888-89 between England and South Africa at Cape Town, 2nd instance took place between Australia and England at The Oval 1938, 3rd instance between Australia and India at Bisbane in 1947-48. 4th in 2001-02 between Pakistan and New Zealand at Lahore. What is it?
  7. Who is the only cricketer to have won the Cricket World Cup both as a player and as a coach?
  8. The inaugural test match between England and Zimbabwe played at Bulawayo in 1996/97 ended in a draw . what unique occurrence took place in this test match ?
  9. Who is the only Indian Test cricketer to have played in Sheffield Shield Cricket in Australia.?
  10. Don Bradman was dismissed hit wicket only once in his test career , can you name the bowler? Also who is the only Indian wicket keeper to have stumped Don Bradman in first class cricket?
  11. He was the first test cricketer to hit hundred runs in a session before lunch. He also scored two separate centuries in one day in first class cricket. After he retired from cricket he spent the rest of his life secluded with his pet, a blind parrot named popsey. Whom am I talking about?
  12. Who said about whom: "Because of him, there are more jealous husbands in the stands than frightened batsmen in the stadium"
  13. How many 90s did Bradman make in test cricket? It is also the same number of times that Kapil Dev was runout in Tests.
  14. Who is the only cricketer to have scored Test and one-day centuries at all six major Australian cricket grounds?
  15. Which great test cricketer’s middle name is Bholalal?

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