Monday, June 04, 2007

Quiz for SportsQuiz Group Anniversary

Hi Fellow Cricket lovers,

Posting here is the Quiz I have prepared for SportsQuiz Group second anniversary on Cricket. Thought most of you will be interested in the questions and may like to participate by sending answers to my email ID : or to the moderator of SportsQuiz Group Prateek Vijayavargia's email ID:

Here are the Questions:
  1. The first ever radio broadcast of any type of cricket match played in any part of the world was a benefit match played in 1922/23 season for this batsman and fetched around 490 pounds. Name the batsman.
  2. Fred Trueman supposed to have said about a particular cricketer like this “If he played cricket the way he talked, he would have had people queuing up to get into the ground instead of queuing up to leave”. Name the cricketer whom Fred Trueman was referring to.
  3. Nicknamed as Happy Jack, he is the only player from the first test eleven of England to have played in more than seven tests and scored a test hundred. Name this English Cricketer.
  4. Which English test captain killed himself by first shooting himself in the chest and when it did not turn out to be fatal shot again aiming at his head. He was the first person to have achieved a particular feat that Michael Vaughan did against West Indies in the recently concluded Leeds test.
  5. In one of the most dramatic test matches ever played this cricketer broke his left arm. Recollecting the incident he said later “It was a good length ball from Hall which flew, unaccountably and broke my arm just above the wrist. It made the most awful noise." Though he got retired hurt at that point, he did return to the field when the ninth wicket fell and stood at the non-strikers end to watch David Allen defend the final two deliveries of the match with his side still needing six runs for a win. His courageous move saved an imminent defeat for his side. Name this arguably the bravest batsman of all-time.
  6. This cricketer holds the record for best bowling figures in a test match by a captain for his country. Shane Warne in his 2001 autobiography claimed that he was probably the biggest influence in his career. Name the cricketer being referred here.
  7. He was a tremendous success when he visited Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) while playing for Maharaj Kumar of Vizianagaram XI during the 1930-31 season. He hit a fifty and two hundreds in the three innings he batted on that tour. These centuries were not termed first class when he played but were later given that status by Association of Cricket Statisticians while tabulating his record. In the same season while batting in the semi finals and finals of the Moin-ud-Dowlah Gold Cup Tournament, he failed to make a significant contribution towards his team’s championship. Considered as one of the greatest batsman his middle name was chosen from his mother’s maiden name. Name this incomparable genius.
  8. Identify the cricketer in the picture who is regarded as one of the greatest fielders of all-time and was named by Don Bradman as the twelfth man in his dream team.

  9. He is one of the very few cricketers to have represented two nations in test cricket and provides perhaps the only recorded occasion of catching his own team member while substituting for an injured player in the opposition. Name the player being referred here.

  10. This great cricketer is the only batsman to have got dismissed for every score from 96 to 100. He also holds the record for being the first cricketer to have achieved a particular feat that Matthew Hayden of Australia repeated five consecutive times. Name the cricketer.

  11. While driving two of his team mates on route to London to play in a charity match in late 1950s, this cricketer crashed his car into a cattle truck. One of the passengers in the car who had hit a century on his test debut was sleeping in the back seat at the time of the crash and injured his spinal cord badly which sent him into a coma. That cricketer never regained his consciousness and died three days after the accident. Name the cricketer who was driving the car at that time and endured the guilt of being responsible for the death of his fellow teammate and a close friend for a very long time.

  12. One of the greatest batsmen of all time, in a Ranji Trophy Semi-final of early 1980s, surprised everyone that was present at the ground both on and off the field when he came into bat after the sixth wicket fell and took guard as left handed batsman. Though he is a right handed batsman he did successfully defend sixty of the 66 deliveries he received batting left handed. But his action was not taken kindly by his critics especially he being the captain of his side. Name the cricketer who chose to bat left handed in that innings even though he made all but four of his first class runs batting right handed.

  13. There is a connection between all the answers to the above questions which would lead you to the name of the only cricketer who is deliberately left out. Identify the connection and the missing player.


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