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March 19th 2007: Quiztion of the Day-7:

The sudden and shocking death of Pakistan’s high profile Coach Bob Woolmer, leaves such an indelible mark on the World Cup 2007 tournament, the upset wins of prior day reminds us that after all they are only games and just that. It also underscores the point once again that modern day cricketers and coaches have to go through an enormous amount of stress and it’s not easy to deal with failure and defeats. Sometimes it leads to undesired after effects like Freddie Flintoff’'s rescue from the sea after falling off a pedalo (a small paddle boat) in an inebriated state, Bob Woolmer being found in an unconscious state with vomit around him.
The Cricket fans from Sub-continent nations like India, Pakistan & Bangladesh where cricket is treated as a religion and the game is put on much higher pedestal than human life, defeats and losses in mere cricket games are rued over much more than a life. Same fans who treated Mahendra Singh Dhoni like nothing short of a God, now chants for his death after he was out for a duck against Bangladesh and do not mind attacking the home under construction in Ranchi and think that they have a right to do so. Even the God of Indian Cricket was not spared and the booing of Sachin Tendulkar’s home crowd when he was out cheaply against Australia in 2004-05 test series at Mumbai still echoes in my ears.

In Pakistan the situation I reckon will be far worse considering the history of how they dealt with defeats and losses and I can imagine the stress and tension that the Pakistani players going through as they have already made an exit from the World Cup. To some degree, even the death of their team coach, Bob Woolmer, can be attributed to the same stress. But his sudden and shocking death may not alleviate the fury of the disappointed and irated Pakistani cricket fans. It is indeed sad and unfortunate, but true: the cricket fans of sub-continent nations can not deal with losses and defeats and expects a win every time their team goes on to the field. I have no doubt in my mind , the same fans that are dancing and celebrating now in Dhaka will become furious and destructive if they lose their last game of the division to Bermuda and are thrown out of the World Cup.

Anyway, the current edition of Cricket World Cup has not been good to the friends and families of Cricketers as four untimely and tragic deaths have occurred ever since the Warm-Up matches have begun, so lets have a ‘Quiztion of the Day’ as a tribute to them. Here it is:

Of all the sudden deaths involving cricketer or their family members Bob Woolmer’s (Click on this to see Cricinfo’s Photo-Profile) was the only that had a direct involvement in this World Cup. His sudden death had stunned the entire cricketing world as so many people were touched by him during his playing career for Kent, England, and Western Province & Natal and as successful coach of Warwickshire, South Africa and Pakistan. Earlier in the week the death of Manjural Islam of Bangladesh, who was killed in a motor cycle accident on March 16th and became the youngest test cricketer to die did have a profound effect on entire Bangladeshi Camp as most of them played with him both in tests and ODIs.

Two other cricketers had to deal with deaths in the family. One of them is a legend in the game of cricket and also managed the touring teams after retiring from cricket. He lost his son in a drowning accident two days after the first warm-up game. Another cricketer had to leave the tournament following the sudden death of his aunt to attend her funeral.

Name the two cricketers who suffered a bereavement of a family member since the warm-up games of World Cup 2007 started.

Remember to email your answers for each quiz individually to with the the subject line "Quiztion of the Day - X", (X being the Question number) through out the tournament duration. Results will be first posted on website within a week of the World Cup Final.

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