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March 23rd 2007: Quiztion of the Day-11:

As feared by majority of the followers of the game right from the moment Bob Woolmer was pronounced dead, the Full statement by the commissioner of police for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, now confirms that Ex-Pakistani Coach’s death was because of asphyxia caused by manual strangulation and it is being treated by them as a case of murder and a full blown investigation will be conducted to take further actions. This indeed is a sad day for the game of cricket. I do hope the commercialization of cricket interfering with the lives of Players, Coaches and Administrators of the game will at least stop here. ICC and National Cricket Boards should take some radical steps to curb the external forces interfering the game as in the form of Woolmer’s death a heavy price has been paid.

In whatever way one analyzes the circumstances surrounding Woolmer’s murder mystery, one has to admit unequivocally that it has shattered an average cricket fan’s faith in the game. I reckon, it would be extremely unlikely that any cricket lover will be following the forthcoming matches without having an iota of suspicion whether the off-field activities are dictating on-field proceedings or not. The game is best left for what it is being loved for, that is, ‘as a game of glorious uncertainties’. If any certainty is forced up on … the game not only loses its charm but also will be deserted by the game’s true followers and die-hard fans. This in turn will stop pumping the basic ingredient which is the main attraction for those who want to make these games more predictable in nature and are not worried about the action on the field. Yes, you guessed the ingredient right, money coupled with greed.

Fortunately, this was not the case when the minnows Scotland and Netherlands met and the result of an 8-wicket win was very well cherished by the Dutchmen and their celebration and delight was nothing short of any of the Prior World Cup Winning Teams cup of joy. In another group match Canada fought very hard to detach themselves from carrying the tag of minnows lead by their captain John Davison, for the umpteenth time. At one point the fastest fifty of the World Cup which was recorded by Brendon McCullum of New Zealand just before the innings break was under sever threat. Such was Davison’s powerful and merciless hitting, it again reminded his 2003 heroics against West Indies that fetched him the fastest century in the history of the World Cup. Davison dispatched Michael Mason’s first two overs for 16 and 22 runs with six 4s & a six and raced to 38 of just 18 balls.

Davison’s 53 in this match came of 31 balls is the fourth fastest of the current world Cup with Brendon McCullum (20 balls), Mark Boucher (21 balls) and Sachin Tendulkar (25 balls) all reaching the half century mark much faster than him. But to Davison’s credit, he was not playing against minnows like Canada, Netherlands and Bermuda.

Today’s Quiztion of the day’ is a tribute to this great cricketer, who I believe may have played his last World Cup match like Inzamam but his farewell to World Cup went unnoticed. Here is the Quiztion which has three parts.:

New Zealand was at the receiving end of John Davison’s merciless hitting in previous World Cup too. Like Mason another bowler was frustrated that day when Davison recorded a fifty of just 25 balls and missed an unique opportunity to record both the fastest fifty and fastest hundred of the tournament.

  1. Name the Kiwi bowler who was carted for three sixes in an over by Davison while reaching his half century.
  2. Who were the two players who made faster 50s than Davison in 2003 World Cup?
  3. What unique record does John Davison hold in first class cricket , where and against which team did he achieve it?

Remember to email your answers for each quiz individually to with the the subject line "Quiztion of the Day - X", (X being the Question number) through out the tournament duration. Results will be first posted on website within a week of the World Cup Final.

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