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March 21st 2007: Quiztion of the Day-9:

As I embark up on preparing the Quiztion of the Day – 9, there is a disturbing news coming out of Jamaica that Bob Woolmer’s death is being treated as suspicious and is being investigated further to determine the cause. An autopsy completed on Tuesday was found to be inconclusive in determining the cause. Meanwhile unconfirmed reports suggest that there were marks discovered around his neck and the coach may have been murdered. If it founds out to be true then it would really be a black day for the game and the Gentlemen’s game will forever be tainted. I sincerely hope and pray that the death of former Coach of Pakistan was because of his existing medical conditions and stress related massive heart attack as earlier reported rather than some unnatural reasons for the sake of his family and friends who will be hurt even more if the reasons are found to be otherwise.

Anyways Shifting the focus on the two games that took place on Tuesday, both New Zealand and South Africa sailed through to the next stage of the tournament with utmost ease. Australia and West Indies have already sealed their spots for Super 8s stage. Ireland is all set to become the second non-test playing nation ever after Kenya’s dramatic entry into Super 6s of 2003 World Cup. Strangely, the match that would decide Ireland’s fate of proceeding to the next phase of the World Cup doesn’t involve them but will be played between Zimbabwe and Pakistan. If Pakistan wins, Ireland is through. However, a Zimbabwe win can not be ruled out especially looking at the circumstances surrounding the Pakistani Camp. Another match that will be played on Wednesday will have a significant affect on India’s chances of reaching the Super 8s. They would be watching the match very closely and wishing that Sri Lanka would thrash Bangladesh so that a win against Sri Lanka can not only take them to the Super 8s but also will let them carry forward 2 points to the next stage.

Just look at the complicated system of how two teams can advance carry forward two points to the Super 8s stage of this World Cup:

Top two teams will advance to the Super 8’s on the basis of total points earned during the Group matches. In case of a tie of points NRR (net run rate) would determine which are the top two teams. Any points they may have earned against the other qualifier from their own group will be carried through. In the Super 8s, each team will play the six remaining qualifiers from the other groups and the top four teams will go through to the semi-finals. Positions will be decided again by most points. For the four semi-final spots if two or more teams are tied on points, the following methods in turn will be used to decide which team goes through:
  • Most wins in their group or in Super 8 whichever is applicable.
  • Higher Net run rate.
  • Higher number of wickets taken per ball.
  • Winners of head to head matches.
  • The drawing of lots.

Today’s ‘Quiztion of the day’ is on this complicated and difficult to comprehend Carry forward system. Here it is:

As you read between the lines of the Qualifying system for Super 8s and the associated carry forward points, as of Tuesday Bangladesh would benefit if India enters the Super 8s whether on run-rate or outright. Similarly West Indies and England would carry forward 2 points to next stage if Zimbabwe and England gets into the next round.

Shown below is the picture of the person who gets the credit for devising this carry forward points system. Identify the person and provide me the details of the World Cup group match in which this system was exploited to the fullest extent as at one stage just twelve runs were scored of ten overs to improve the opponent’s net run rate, though in the end it did not result in the desired outcome?

Remember to email your answers for each quiz individually to with the the subject line "Quiztion of the Day - X", (X being the Question number) through out the tournament duration. Results will be first posted on website within a week of the World Cup Final.

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