Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ashes Countdown 1

Ashes Superlatives Quiz

With less than twenty four hours to go for the Ashes kick off at Brisbane, in this edition of the Ashes countdown, let us look at the some of the superlatives in the Ashes i.e. the first, the most, the highest, the fastest, the youngest, the oldest, the slowest, the lowest, the least and the last!

Ashes Countdown 1 Quiz : Ashes Superlatives.

Q91. Who was the first player in the Ashes to be out stumped?

Q92. Which bowler holds the record for conceding the most number of runs in an innings of an Ashes Test?

Q93. What is the highest total in the first innings of an Ashes test for a team that went on to lose the test match?

Q94. Who holds the record for hitting the fastest fifty in an Ashes test?

Q95. Who is the youngest player to have scored a double hundred in an Ashes Test?

Q96. Who is the oldest cricketer to have made his test debut in the Ashes?

Q97. Who holds the record for the slowest hundred in an Ashes test?

Q98. What is the lowest total in an Ashes test which included a hundred?

Q99. Who holds the record for hitting the least number of hundreds in Ashes in spite of aggregating 1000 or more runs?

Q100. Who was the last batsman to have hit a triple hundred in the Ashes as a captain of his team?

This is the tenth and last of the 10 quizzes for the Ashes Countdown. Three winners will be selected at the end of the 10th quiz after tabulating all the results. The winners will be awarded exciting prizes courtesy of In the event of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker among the top three positions.

Please do not forget to mail your answers to having the subject line as "Answers to Ashes Countdown XX Quiz" . Replace XX with the Countdown number.

As per the request by many Ashes fans , I will be putting all the hundred questions in one post on my blog before the end of the first test at Brisbane. Those who wish to send their answers in one shot please do so by having the subject line on your email as "Answers to DreamCricket’s Ashes Countdown Quiz”. The last date for sending your answers is now extended to December 10th , 2006. Results will be posted by 15th December.

Happy Quizzing…

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