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This quiz has been prepared for sportsquiz group on yahoo. Point system is devised in such a way that you will be able to score 100 points or more for this 30 question quiz. So its been named as " See if you can hit a century".

SINGLES (1 point for each correct answer)

Question 1: A sitter, to start with, as of today how many tests did this cricketer, one of my all-time favorites, in the picture below play for India?

Question2: Who is the only player in cricket to have held the positions of both coach and player in his country’s test team? He also holds the record for hitting a century on his test debut both as a player and as a captain in the same test.

Question 3: Who holds the record for opening the batting and bowling in the same match more times than any other cricketer in both forms of International cricket (Test matches & ODIs)

Question 4: What did Colin Hoy of Australia and Vikram Raju of India have done to get their names permanently etched in the history of test cricket.

COUPLES (2 points for each correct answer)

Question 5: Who is the first test cricketer to have taken a catch in test cricket as substitute and what is unique about this particular catch?

Question 6: Shoaib Akthar with his 161 kmph delivery bowled to New Zealand’s Craig McMillan in 2002 holds the record among the three bowlers who have officially recorded a speeds of 100mph(160.1kmph) or more. First bowler to have broken the 100mph barrier more than 25 years back and the caricature of the other bowler who did the same in 2005 is in the picture below. Identify them?

Question 7: This cricketer never played in tests, though remembered for leading his side to one of the major upsets in cricket history. His sister Anne, captained the Women’s Field Hockey team to win a gold medal at 1980 Olympics. He is also responsible for designing and implementing his country’s first auto licence plate numbering system. Identify the person and the country?

Question 8: Identify the cricketer and the unique record he holds for India in test cricket?

THREE RUNS (each correct answer carries 3 points)

Question 9 : Two of the greatest wicket keepers of all time named their autobiographies with the same title. Who are the keepers and what is the title of their books ?

Question 10: Till today only three Indian born cricketers have captained England in Test Cricket. Who are they?

Question 11: Three cricketers have accumulated more than 2000 runs in test history without ever hitting a century. Name them?

Question 12: Identify the personality whose face is blacked out in the photograph below, who seems to be giving some bowling lessons to a bunch of curious onlookers?

BOUNDARIES (each correct answer carries 4 points)

Question 13: Pictured below are the silhouettes of two famous fast bowlers’ bowling actions. The one on the left side once held the world record for most number of wickets in a test career. However he could not capture the wicket of the one on the right side, who is nicknamed as ‘Bing’. In the two test matches they played together, Bing remained not out with the scores of 62 and 41 batting once in each test and captured the wicket of the cricketer in the left silhouette once in each test. Name these cricketers?

Question 14: An English County Cricket Ground is associated with the following photographs. First photograph was taken in 2003. As you can see in the pictures below, the tree which was inside the boundary has fallen to the ground in 2005 because of highwinds. Ever since the 120 foot tree was diagonised with heartwood fungus , the county staff have been preparing for its demise and have planted another lime tree just outside the boundary to replace the original whenever the inevitable occured. The third part of the picture shows the new tree , which stands at just 20 ft as of now. When the original tree was still existing, a ball that was blocked by the tree was declared as a boundary and one had to clear the tree to hit a six. Only four cricketers have hit a six by clearing the tree. AC Watson in 1925, Sir Learie Constantine in 1928 , Jim Smith in 1939. After 53 years another West Indian cricketer in 1992, became the 4th and the last cricketer to have hit a six by clearing the tree. Name the county or ground and the West Indian Cricketer?

Question 15: This Warwickshire all rounder shown in the 1st photograph below is believed to have inspired a famous literary character. He played county cricket for 2 years in 1913 & 1914 and died tragically during the World War I. The 2nd Photgraph is that of the author who created the character. Name the cricketer, writer & the fictional character.

Question 16: This cricketer’s middle name is Ignatius. He played for MCC in10 first class games. At Lord’s in 1899 , he took 7/61 against Cambridgeshire and two years later he carried his bat in an innings against Leceistershire for 32. Shown below is the picture of his statue standing in his birthplace Edinburgh. Name the person who could never achieve even a fraction of the fame in cricket that he achieved in another field?

Question 17: The person in the picture once said “ It is merely a ball with an ordinary break produced by an extraordinary method”.Who is this cricketer and what is he talking about? That particular type of delivery bears his name too. What is it?

Question 18: Who is this person who just played two first class games in cricket for his College, Dublin Univesity in 1925 & 1926? 43 years after playing his last first class game he won a nobel prize for literature and remains the only first class cricketer to have won a nobel prize.

Question 19: The cricketer in this picture holds the record for longest gap between “2” test matches. Identify him and number of years and days he stayed away from test cricket and what country did he represent?

Question 20: Whose only wicket in both Test Cricket and One Day Internationals is this famous Pakistani batsman shown in the photograph below?

SIXERS (each correct answer carries 6 points)

Question 21: The three cricketers, first one from England and the other two from South Africa, shown in the visual are three of the only 4 cricketers to have captained their country in the sole test match they played. Identify them? Name of the other cricketer not pictured in this photagraph is Alfred Renfrew Richards.

Question 22: A Famous pop star is rumored to be dating this super model shown in the picture. She recently split from her relationship with an equally famous cricketer. Name the pop star,the cricketer and the model?

Question 23: The name of the lady in the 1st photo below is one of the three names tattooed on the body of the cricketer in the 2nd photo. Identify the lady and the cricketer?

Question 24: Shown below is the picture of the stadium which staged the first eve test match in 1974. Two all time West Indian greats made their test debut in this test. This ground also is the one where another all time great played his last test innings. Name the stadium and the cricketers in question?

Question 25: Name of the two cricketers in the picture below is pronounced the same way for both the first and last names . Their middle names are Stuart and Robert. One of them played in 22 tests and other has appeared in 92 Tests. Whats the name?

Question 26 : X said about Y “Y has always been my guiding light in cricket. He was the one who spotted my natural ability and honed that. With his help and coaching I have developed into the cricketer that I am. I am still improving and it is still X that I look to for that help". Y also wrote a book titled “Z” on “X”. Identify X,Y and Z.

Question 27: Explain what happened and why this picture is immortalized?

Question 28: The Pakistani bowler shown in the picture below holds a unique record with two other bowlers. One from India and another from Australia. Name the bowlers and the record they share. Question 29: What is so odd about the field setting in the picture below. Identify the bowler, the captain of the bowling side and the two sides playing?

Question 30:To end the quiz another sitter, photgraphically too. Identify the cricketers and the event that triggered the pose for this famous photograph?

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