Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Question 1:
This person is the first Test cricketer to die. One of his records created in the very first test match is very unlikely to be surpassed. Name the cricketer and the record he holds.

Question 2:
Who are these palyers and what Unique record they hold/share in Test Cricket. If you know the record it would be easier to identify the players.

Question 3:
Picture shows a Test cricketer who was the first to achieve a certain feat and Andrew Flintoff was the last. What is this feat and who else did this in between.

Question 4:
In 1992, Playing in a Test match against South Africa,this player when he was on 11 tried stealing a quick single by pushing the ball to all the people Jonty Rhodes, at backward point. In a flash, Rhodes stopped the ball and threw to the stumps where Andrew Hudson moved in to break the wicket. Unable to judge conclusively, Square leg umpire Cyril Mitchley signaled for a replay, which showed that the batsman, was infact out thus becoming the first ever Test batsman to have been given out via the evidence of a television action replay. who is this player.. shown in the picture is his autograph.

Question 5:
The last Test match played in Australia before the World War II at Meloborune from Feb 26th to Mar 3rd 1937. After the worldwar II the 1st test match in Australia was played at Brisbane from Nov 29th to Dec 4th 1946 . Though the umpires GE Borwick and JD Scott were the same in both the tests, only 3 cricketers played in both matches. Don Bradman & Wally Hammond were both captaining their respecitve sides. Picture shows the other cricketer who was part of these two tests. Who is this cricketer and what is he famous for? Also with the same Test Australia introduced a new rule to the Test Cricket played in Australia, though it did not have any affect on the outcome of this match. What rule?

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