Friday, March 31, 2006

Intorduction : A Statistician's Delight

First of all, let me thank you for visiting this blog. If you have come to this site by way of googling for Cricket Statistics, you must be somewhat as crazy as I am about the facts and figures of the greatest game that is ever played. I intend to add several postings on this blog which relate to Test Cricket and Test Cricket only.

Though I am not averse to One Day Internationals, in fact I enjoy watching them more than the longer version of the game, I always liked Test Cricket. Being an avid follower of the game for the last 20 years during which I had small stints as All India Radio's Official Statistician for Reliance Cup and couple of Tests played in Hyderabad, India, I was also a frequent contributor to Deccan Chronicle in their weekly sports page, all of them obviously were on Test cricket statistics. But that was back in late 80s and early 90s.

Since I moved to USA back in 1994, I did not get a chance to watch and follow the game as closely as I wanted to. Off late with the advent of Satellite TV and Internet explosion , I can confidently say that I follow the game as closely as anybody else who is as obsessive as me with the game.

I keep updating my notes and and spreadsheets with all the facts and figures of game, especially those of Cricket Test matches.

I would like to share all of my thoughts on these facts and figures I have compiled over the years and which I constantly update. I would also like to post some interesting quizzes on the same subjects.

There is no other game in the history of sports which can feed the appetite of numbers and trivial facts loving statistician than Test Cricket.

I hope you enjoy this blog and keep coming back to the site day after day to find out some interesting information from the History of Test Cricket. I would really appreciate if you can give your suggestions and feedback to make it more interesting.

Thank you once again for visiting this blog and sparing your valuable time.


Nitpicker said...

Have you published anything in Sportstar, Sportsworld or Sportsweek ?

VJ said...

Nothin recently , but yes in late 80s and early 90s